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  • Schedule of Classes on the 2020 Code...
    Below is the link to our schedule of classes for the Winter/Spring series of code classes.  All classes in 2020 will deal specifically with the new code. We will have the registration form available shortly. 
    Here's the preliminary information and schedule.

  • 2020 NIEC Trade Show Dates...
    Our Electrical Manufacturers Trade Show will be held at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, IA on April 22-23, 2020. Many more details will be posted as we get closer to the show dates.

  • Electronic Distribution for Membership Directory...
    The NIEC Membership Directory is now being distributed monthly as a PDF to our members and their employees. If we have your email address, you should be on the distribution list. The new version of the Directory will be updated continually and sent out around the first of each month. The electronic version is searchable and will have email addresses and websites shown as hotlinks embedded in the file. Just click on the link and your email program will popup with the person's email address already entered. Be sure to check your information in the Directorye. If you are a member or employee of a member and are not getting the monthly Directory, click the link above and send us a request to be added to the distribution list.


  • Keep Up-To-Date With the Code Question of the Day…
    Subscribe, for free, to the Code Question of the Day. This is a service of Electrical Contractor Magazine.


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