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What is the Nebraska Iowa Electrical Council?
The NIEC is a two-state, non-profit organization dedicated to serving all facets of the electrical industry The NIEC is in its 62nd year of service. The mission of the NIEC is to serve the industry by combining the various capabilities of member groups and allied organizations into coordinated activities which identify and provide educational opportunities and periodic communication with the membership.The NIEC seeks to bring about better understanding and cooperation among the various branches of the electrical industry through a better means of communication between the various interests.The NIEC office and staff are supported by membership dues. Additional funding for specific programs and projects is provided by participating companies and members.

Who are members of the NIEC?
• Utilities
• Electrical equipment manufacturers and manufacturers representatives
• Electrical wholesalers, distributors and supply houses
• Electrical contractors and electricians

Here’s why you should join and participate in the Nebraska Iowa Electrical Council

• "Membership Directory and Manufacturer's Product Listing". A  monthly publication with complete information about NIEC members as well as a buyer’s guide showing hundreds of product lines and the reps who show them.
.• Insurance Plans available to members. Property and casualty…Workmen’s Compensation…a full range of Bond programs.
• Education through Code Conferences. Discounts to members for Code Conferences produced by the NIEC. Stay up-to-date on the NEC by attending.
• Trade Shows produced regularly by the NIEC bring buyers and sellers together. Keep abreast of the rapidly changing technology of the electrical industry.
• Social Activities. Annual golf outings…Christmas luncheon…membership meetings conducted at various locations in the two-state area.
• Learn how others are meeting the challenges of the electrical industry as we approach the 21st century and gain a broader perspective on how our industry interact.

What should I do?
Click here to download a membership application form. Check the proper box and we will bill you, if you prefer. Mail or Fax the form to the NIEC office. Join today to be a part of a growing organization. Start taking advantage of the many benefits of membership.




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